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Aloha, and Welcome to the Maui Sights and Treasures Blog! This post has been written specifically for our readers that are looking into booking Parasailing in Maui

Written by Maui Sights & Treasures team member: Mary Hanson


Parasailing in Paradise is fantastic!   Have you ever thought about skydiving, jumping out of a plane, soaring though the air with a parachute?   Well I have!  But I was just too nervous to actually do it.  Parasailing is almost the same sensation; you just don’t have to jump out of a plane!  Parasailing is safe and fun for the whole family.  The minimum age to fly or observe is 3 years old.

We went with UFO Parasail, innovators in the industry!  We met on beautiful Kaanapali Beach to check in. We were then transported out to the parasail boat in a little dingy.  It was an incredibly perfect day!

Parasail Tandam in Beautiful Maui


UFO limits their trips to eight passengers for more time in the air.  The crew was funny and made a few jokes to ease any anxieties we may have had.  When it is your turn, you sit on the back deck of the boat, they secure you to the harness and winch you out slowly, just gradually floating up.  It was amazing!  I could not get over how quiet and peaceful it is! And oh my, the panoramic views of the ocean, mountains and sky!   Totally unbelievable!


At one point they slow the boat and you start to descend, just like a real parachute but they take off again and up you go.   It’s your choice if you want to get dipped in the ocean.  I did!  Totally a big part of the fun, for sure.

I would recommend parasailing to everyone!  Any age, 70, 80 whatever!  You can go alone, tandem or even 3 at a time (weight permitting). The harness is comfortable and most important, safe.  Take-offs and landings from the back of the boat are completely dry and easy for all skill levels.   It is a must do while you are in Hawaii.


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