Aloha, Mahalo for all the calls and emails. We are safe but all of us on Maui are emotionally drained. It’s been a rough week but Maui is a strong community. There are donations coming in from across the world and is so appreciated.If you’re coming to Maui, please donate to a local cause or volunteer sometime while here. Many businesses are just recovering from the covid shutdowns. I know you will hear reports not to come, maybe in the next month but if tourists do not come the businesses that are still open will also close. This will add even more to the hardships being felt across the island. If we close as a mother-daughter business then we lay off 6 employees. So please think about giving this some time before canceling your trips if you’re coming later in the year.

Mahalo so much,we have a link on our home page if you wish to donate to a local nonprofit helping the Maui Community.

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Aloha Elaine



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