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Maui’s newest Molokini Snorkel Catamaran & Marriott Luau

$364.00 Adults | $244.95 Child ages 3-12

Maui is extremely busy, you need to book this package at least 6 weeks in advance

Experience the two best tours on Maui: Molokini Snorkel Combo Package and a fantastic Luau. Spend the morning on a deluxe snorkeling Catamaran to Molokini and Turtle Reef Snorkel Tour with Continental Breakfast, Deli Lunch Box. Includes Snorkel gear and instructions. Then, attend one of the most popular Hawaiian Luau in Hawaii: the Marriott Luau.  Learn about the culture of Hawaii, the ono (delicious) food, the beautiful dress, and the Hawaiian music. A Lu’au is a Hawaiian feast with a huge dinner, live Hawaiian Music, and Hula Dancing! Ocean Front Location in Wailea.

Molokini Snorkel Tour

Snorkel Molokini and Turtle Town, two of Hawaii’s most popular snorkeling destinations! Molokini is a Volcanic Caldera, 1 of only 3 on planet Earth! The inner rim is teaming with Tropical Fish and colorful Coral. The ocean is “cobalt” blue and the visibility averages 150 ft. deep making Molokini a favorite with both Scuba Divers and Snorkelers alike.

Not sure you want to snorkel?  Simply look over the side of the boat and you will see tropical fish and coral, not to mention you can take photos of friends and family in the ocean.
Athena's Calypso Snorkel Cruise, Sunset Dinner Cruise, Maui Hawaii. Discount Tours

Molokini Snorkel Tours include a continental breakfast on the way out to Molokini as you enjoy those fabulous views of Maui from the ocean! Also whales during the winter months.  Are you a beginner Snorkeler? All Maui Molokini Snorkel cruises offer a Snorkel 101 Class, usually conducted by the Captain once you get to Molokini Crater.

Once at Molokini you have an hour to snorkel among the Tropical Hawaiian Fish before heading over to a Turtle Reef off Maui’s coastline to swim with the large Hawaiian Sea Turtles! While at Turtle town you will be served a Deli Style Lunch Box, sandwich, chips, and drinks!  The first drink is on the house and then Maitais, Beer, and Cocktails are available for $2.-$6.


Our Molokini and Snorkel combo package is with the Calypso and the Marriott Luau. If either is sold out for the dates you choose, we will substitute another deluxe snorkel cruise or Luau.

The Marriott Luau grounds are Ocean Front, beautiful property.  You will be greeted with a shell lei and have your photo taken with one of the several awesome Hula Dancers. Your family will have their own table and be served family-style by your waiter.  Enjoy one of the many free drinks they offer like the famous Mai Tais, Lava Flows, or Pina Coladas.   Beer and Well drinks are also included. Non-alcohol tropical drinks are also available.

Try the Island Fish, Teriyaki Chicken & Steak there is also plenty of salads and desserts to enjoy. The Luau is on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.



Additional information

PricesAdults & Teens: 364.00, Child 3-12 244.95
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Massage, 11 Lines for 189.95, 1200 Ft., 13 & 14 Year olds, 197.03, 197.25, 199.00, 2 Adult, 2 Dr Jeep, 2 Dr Jeep+1 RT Ferry, 2 Hours, 2 Tank Dive, 2 Tank Dive with Gear, 2 Year Old, 2 Zip Lines, 2) Adult, 2016 Dinner & Show Tickets, 2016 Show Tickets, 2017 Dinner & Show Tickets, 2017 Royal Flush Package, 2017 Show Only, 2017 Show Tickets, 2018 Adult, 2018 Royal Flush Package, 2018 Show Only, 24 Hour HD Softail, 24 Hour HD Sportster Renal, 24 Hour HD Street or Electra Glide, 24 Hr Rental, 2nd and 3rd Child 6-12, 2nd Child 6-12/2 Adults, 3rd and 4th Child, 3rd,4th 5th Child 6-12 /2 Adults, 4 DR Jeep, 4 DR Jeep +1 RT Ferry, 4 Hours, 4 Line Zip n Dip-Ages 10+, 4 Lines, 4 Lines 89.00, 5 Course Navatek, 5 Course Window, 5 Hour HD Sportser Rental, 5 Hour HD Street or Electra Glide, 5 Hours HD Softtail, 5 Lines, 5 Lines 109.00, 5 Zip Lines, 5 Ziplines for 119.00, 50 Min Organic Facial, 50 Min. Facial, 50 Min. Massage, 50 Minute Massage, 6 AM Discounted Adult Price, 6 AM Early Bird, 6 Hours, 6 lines, 6: AM Early Bird, 6: AM Early Bird, Adults Reg. Price, 1 Free Child per Adult 7-12yrs, Extra Child ages 7-12, Free Children 0-6, 7 Lines, 7 Lines 119.00, 8 Hours, 8 Lines for 169.95, 80 Min. 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Staff Note:Please let us know your day of preference for both the snorkel tour and the Luau. They don’t need to be the same day

What to Bring:

For the Maui-Molokini snorkel trip:   Wear your swimsuit and a light sweatshirt or jacket for the early morning!  Bring a camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and a towel!

For the Luau:  Dress is Casual Dressy!  Bring a light sweater just in case it gets chilly after the sun goes down.


Snorkel Boat

  • Calypso Breakfast Menu: Scrambled Eggs and diced Ham, Assorted Pastries, fresh island Fruit, Juice, and Maui coffee
  • Calypso Lunch Menu: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches,  Teriyaki Chicken breasts,  Pasta Dish
  • Refreshments: Free Sodas and Juice. Purchase Cocktails and Beer.

The Luaus include a full, serve yourself Yummy Hawaiian Dinner Buffet, full open bar (Free Drinks!) and Desserts!  So much good food, so go hungry!


  • Maui Cattle Grilled Top Sirloin Steaks Glazed with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Baked Molokai Sweet Potatoes Glazed with Guava Syrup and Macadamia Nut Butter
  • Fried Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi with Light Coconut & Lime – Flavored Sauce
  • Shoyu Chicken
  • Kalua Pig
  • Stir Fried Vegetables Wok Fried and Seasoned with Soy Sauce, Ginger, and Garlic
  • Island Style Fried Rice Lup Chong and Vegetables, Enhanced with Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil
  • Maui Chow Fun Vegetables and Pork Char Siu

Island Style Desserts

  • Chocolate Brownie topped with Macadamia Nuts
  • Coconut Cake
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Traditional Hawaiian Haupia
  • Guava Mousse


  • Standard / House Cocktails
  • Domestic Beers
  • White Wine by the Glass
  • Red Wine by the Glass
  • Blended / Tropical Cocktails (Mai Tai, Pina Coladas)
  • Soft Drinks


Maui Sights & Treasures Cancellation Policy:
NO refunds or changes within 48 hours of activity unless otherwise stated. A 10% cancellation fee will be applied to all cancellations made outside of 48 hours of the activity.

Please note: We require all bookings to be made at least 48 hours in advance of the event so that we can guarantee your reservation. If you would like to book an event within the next 48 hours, please call us toll free at 1-888-841-9155 and we would be happy to assist you.

Snorkeling with Turtles
Snorkeling in Molokini
Snorkeling underwater Fish
Snorkeling underwater tunnels
Snorkeling with Turtles
Old Lahaina Luau coconut demonstration
Old Lahaina Luau free drinks
Imu Ceremony; Underground Oven Pig Demonstration