Tours to the private Island of Lana’i. Be adventurous and rent a Jeep to explore the Island on your own.  Take a shuttle to the popular Cat Sanctuary.

Visit Garden of the Gods and Shipwreck Beach…

Day Tour to Lana’i with Trilogy Excursions

 Trilogy to Lanai First Class Snorkel Adventure  Start the day with a day tour of Lanai aboard Trilogy's luxury sailing catamarans. Smell cinnamon rolls and the coffee brewing while Trilogy does
9 hours

Lana’i Ferry & Jeep Rental Packages

Explore Lana'i on your own Take the Lanai-Maui passenger Ferry and rent a Jeep Wrangler on the island of Lana'i. All of the vehicles are modern hardtop, automatic transmission, 4
15 min.prior

Lana’i Off Road Adventure Tour

Local guides show you the Island of Lana'i 4X 4 Trekker  Price includes Round Trip Ferry Enjoy a guided 4X4 Trekker on the Island of Lanai in comfort with a
15 minutes prior

Lana’i Passenger Ferry from Maui

Lanai also know as the Pineapple Island... $60.00 Round Trip. Take a step back in time to the Hawaii of old. Lana'i is known as a luxurious getaway with sparkling
45 Min.

Lana’i Snorkel Rafting Adventure

Includes 3 Hours on the Island at Hulopoe' Beach Park.
6 hours
Paragon Sailing Charters Lanai dolphins

Paragon Sailing Charters Lana’i Snorkel Tour

Looking for a small group Snorkel Tour to the Island of Lana'i? Includes Beach Landing and Picnic! Maitais and Sailing on the way home...
7.5 hours