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6:45 AM
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Maui Waterfall Hike, Swim in Waterfall ponds!

Feel free to jump off the rocks as well if  you like

Truly an unforgettable Maui experience. The entire excursion is packed with hiking and sightseeing. The day’s premier stop is the National Park at Oheo Gulch, where you’ll encounter a dramatic 400ft waterfall, incredible bamboo forest, and lush jungle. You’ll have an epic day with a multitude of postcard moments, on both the rugged coastal exterior of the island and in the thriving interior of the rainforest.

Hike 4.5 miles in Maui’s National Park. This area is sometimes referred to as “Seven Sacred Pools,” but it’s so much more — a network of delightful pools and cascading waterfalls. See several waterfalls: 45 feet, 200 feet, and 400 feet. Acres of towering bamboo and a captivating rainforest. Hana Hwy: Drive the famous road with us; 2.5-hr. drive from Central Maui. Circle East Maui on the van ride to and from the trailhead. Nutritious lunch and snacks included.
East Maui Waterfall Hike and Swim.


Your Tour guides will do the driving on the way out to the Waterfalls.  Your Maui Hiking Guides are very knowledgeable about Maui and most of the Trees, Flowers, and Birds you will be seeing along the trails.

You may even be able to pick and eat Guavas and Bananas if they are in Season!

Lunch provided, you  meet at the park and ride in Kahului

Additional information

Ticket typeAdult
PricingAdult: $245.00

Lunch which is a wrap , Turkey, Ham, Veggie , peanut butter, and jelly and beverages

Running shoes or sports sandal (Tevas, Chacos or Keens)
shorts & short sleeve shirts

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Waterfall hike Maui
Waterfall hike Maui
Waterfall hike Maui
Waterfall hike Maui