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Night Diving Best of Maui

Scuba diving at sunset is a unique time of change for the sea life. Some perform mating rituals, others display feeding activity and some are easy to approach as they become sleepy. The night dive shows a different view of the reef with its bright colors and a plethora of these unique animals that we never see during the daylight.
Ever been on a night dive? This is an experience to remember!

Night dives bring out an abundance of different fish and brightly colored coral. As some fish are settling in for the night others are just waking to feed and mate. Even the Manta Rays seem to  enjoy the nightlife of our reefs,look closely along the pockets in the reefs as the lobsters come out and the eels are asleep in there hidden home among our reef.

Must be a certified diver with a minimum of 4 dives. Can handle rough conditions.
You can not fly or go to Haleakala Crater within 48 hrs of dive.

Additional information

Departure PointMakena landing
Ticket typeNight certified Diver
PricingNight certified Diver: 140.00

Makena Landing

  • Certification card
  • Dive log book
  • Towels
  • Cover up
  • Whatever equipment you have
  • Your ticket

A deli sandwich style meal and soft drinks/hot chocolate are served between dives.

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