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Rappel Down Maui’s Beautiful Waterfalls

Looking for a Thrill Tour?  Rappelling down Maui’s beautiful Waterfalls is more thrilling than Zip-lining or Biking down the Volcano. This will be a unique vacation experience!

Rappel down the waterfalls on a privately owned valley on Maui, and become the Cannoneer you always wanted to be!  This adventure is located in the Garden of Eden on the Road to Hana.


Here you will find beautiful waterfalls and lush, green jungle-like settings.  After reaching your main destination, a 26-acre Maui botanical garden, you will get suited up and start your lesson in canyoneering.You need to drive to the Garden of Eden on Hana hwy  to meet your tour .


The first rappel is just a short hike away. Your first rappel is down a 60-foot dry jungle wall. You will be a bit nervous on the first one, but after that, it is so incredible!   Continuing on to a 50-ft waterfall where you’ll rappel into a large freshwater pool!   Then on to your third rappel, traveling a bit farther to a more challenging 30-ft waterfall.  The scenery, the adventure, the whole experience is incredible.

In conclusion, this will be a wonderful day in the jungles and fresh water pools of Maui.


Additional information

Departure PointMeet at “Park and Ride” on the Corner of Highway 30 and 310 (North Kihei Road)
PricesAdults 10+: $220.00 + Tax, RT Transportation: $30.00

Rappel Maui has plenty of bottled water and a snack

What to Bring:

Towels, cameras, waterproof cameras. They provide the rest of the gear, including backpacks. Bring a change of clothes.

Men wear swim trunks or lightweight pants. Quick-drying shirt.

Women: surf shorts, yoga pants or quick-drying pants. Shirt, tankini or bikini top is fine. Swimsuits are not a good idea.
In the winter bring a wetsuit top, if you have one. Whatever you wear will get wet, so bring another set of clothes to change into at the end of the trip.

48-hour cancellation is required. They go rain or shine. Rappelling takes place in a Rain forest. If streams are flooding, we rappel on dry cliffside drops of 60 to 145 feet.    Your harness fits waist sizes from 22 to 54 inches.Weight maximum 250-pounds.

Maui Sights & Treasures Cancellation Policy:
NO refunds or changes within 48 hours of activity unless otherwise stated. A 10% cancellation fee will be applied to all cancellations made outside of 48 hours of the activity.

Please note: We require all bookings to be made at least 48 hours in advance of the event so that we can guarantee your reservation. If you would like to book an event within the next 48 hours, please call us toll free at 1-888-841-9155 and we would be happy to assist you.

Click Here for the Waiver you will be asked to sign.

* Safety First

Rappel Maui reserves the right to change canyons due to weather and rain conditions. They have several canyons to reppell down in case the waterfalls have too much rain. 

Rappelling down Waterfalls Garden of Eden, Maui Hawaii
Rappelling Down Waterfalls on Maui, Hawaii Adventure Tours
Rappelling down Waterfalls Garden of Eden, Maui Hawaii
Rappelling Down Waterfalls on Maui, Hawaii Adventure Tours
Rappelling Maui Waterfall