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Reserve a Private Snorkel Adventure For Your Family to Lanai.

Locally owned and operated since 1982, Ultimate Rafting has been sharing Maui’s snorkeling experiences with guests for more than 30 years! Their Lanai snorkeling tours are small groups at uncrowded snorkel spots on Maui and Lanai where they see tropical fish, turtles, and dolphin watching! Come share the snorkel adventure of a lifetime with them.

Lanai snorkeling tours are full of fun and adventure for every level snorkeler. We make snorkel tours beginner-friendly by including the right snorkel gear, flotation belts, snorkel instruction, and a snorkel guide in the water with you at every snorkel stop! These Lanai snorkeling tours are all about being safe while having fun and learning about the ocean!!

Guests now are asking us for privates so as not to be with many guests on the boats. This is a private 4 hr snorkel adventure departing from Lahaina Maui to the shores of Lanai.  Enjoy a snorkel adventure with your family for up to 18 passengers on the Wiki Wahine a 27-foot hard bottom inflatable with 60% share and all your equipment. This includes breakfast snacks and beverages. This is a great value it breaks down to $77.78 per person.

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What to Bring:


Camera (waterproof case)

Slip 17

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