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Maui Night Shore Dive

This is diving at it’s best! The personalized, guided dives really shine at night! Watch for day creatures going to sleep and nocturnal s coming out to feed. It’s a whole different world scuba diving at night!

Night Dives!!  This is diving at it’s best!
Enter the water at dusk as the sun is setting on the South Shores of Maui.
Watch the day critters search for a spot to nestle down for the night and then the nocturnal critters come out to feed.
These night dives are 40-90 minute in duration and the dive ratio is 4 to 1.
You will be descend to depths between 15′ to 40′
Some of the fun critter you will see or be looking for are the shrimp, lobster, flying gurnards, helmet shells, cuttlefish, squid,
octopus, blue spotted urchins,  coral spawning and more!
This will be a night to remember!   Night dives off the shores of South Maui!

Additional information

Departure PointMana Kai resort
PricingAdult/Certified Diver: $129.00 one tank

What To Bring:

  • Certification card
  • log book
  • towel

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Must be a certified Diver in good physical condition

Scuba Luv Maui Fish
Scuba Luv Maui Fish
Scuba Luv Maui Lobster