Night Time Shore Dives-Wailea Maui

Maui Night Shore Dive This is diving at it's best! The personalized, guided dives really shine at night! Watch for day creatures going to sleep and nocturnal s coming out
1.25 Hours

Padi Scuba Certification Maui

Includes: Books/CD plus 4 Ocean Dives in 3 Days.
16 Hours

Scooter Scuba Dive for Certified Divers

Diver Propelled Scooter.... Fly through the water like Superman to see wrecks, turtles, rays, and pristine reefs! These shore dive prices includes scuba equipment, scooter, training and guide. Scuba Luv
1.5 hours

Sunset Night Scuba Dive Ed Robinson Maui

Night Diving Best of Maui Scuba diving at sunset is a unique time of change for the sea life. Some perform mating rituals, others display feeding activity and some are
2 Hours