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We had another great snorkel and adventure trip with Captain Chad on Ocean Riders. This is the third time I have gone out on this trip with family and friends and the quality, attention to detail, professionalism, and fun times all have remained over the years.

The snorkeling was beautiful on the back side of Lanai. We saw Spinner Dolphins, colorful fish, pillow starfish, and one whale early in the season. The crew found us an octopus to view. We also swam with a little Hawaiian sea turtle! It was definitely a phenomenal experience, and the crew and Captain Chad are extremely experienced and very confident in his care of all of us on the boat.

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Only Ocean Riders circumnavigate around Lanai consistently on a daily basis year round. Nobody knows the Island better. This tour was established in 1988.  No timers to call you back to the boat and cutting your time short. You will view shipwreck and swim over to a remote sandy beach landing. There are three unique snorkel stops.

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After our second snorkel stop, we anchored down and enjoyed a nicely catered deli lunch. The tuna salad with capers was my favorite! With a small group of people on board it makes it easy to sit around and talk story; compare everyone’s favorite restaurant here on Maui while we eat some chocolate candy for dessert.

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The conditions were perfect and I would recommend this excursion to absolutely everyone. The boat has seating along the side for the adventurous types, as well as a bench seating centrally and behind the helm for those needing more comfort. I would absolutely book with Ocean Riders again. Captain Chad and the crew did a great job of sharing important information about the Islands waters and keeping us safe!

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Mahalo for reading our Maui Adventure Rafting Blog post! We wish you beautiful days full of aloha and can’t we wait to meet you during your next trip to Hawaii…

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