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Aloha from Maui Sights & Treasures and the Maui Snorkel Store

Tours depart from beautiful Ka’anapali Beach.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of slowly cruising into Honolua Bay on a luxury sailing Catamaran…

Honolua Bay is one of the most beautiful Bays on Maui and is a Marine Preserve teaming with Tropical Fish, large Sea Turtles and on occasion even Dolphins! Most Honolua Bay Snorkel Cruises depart from Ka’anapali Beach, which is a treat all by itself…

I recently took some girlfriends who were visiting Maui on Teralani’s Premier Snorkel Tour.

I chose the Premier Snorkel Tour as it has 2 different snorkel spots,  and when the conditions are conducive they head up to Honolua Bay and “Cliff House Cove”.

Both snorkel destinations are simply gorgeous above water and teaming with fish below!

Plus, the premier snorkel also includes a BBQ Lunch and a full Bar with free drinks and cocktails. Can’t beat that…

Once on board, we grabbed a bite to eat and did a little sunbathing, taking pictures along the way! Our crew was very friendly and informative and helped make our cruise even more fun!

Upon arrival at Honolua Bay the crew passed out snorkel gear and gave a Snorkel 101 Class. One of the crew led snorkelers on a tour of Honolua Bay, pointing out things of interest. We saw several Turtles and lots of pretty Fish! 

1 elderly man did not know how to swim and 1 of the crew members helped him get 2 life belts and a boogie board, then stayed with him while he went in the ocean close to the boat to see the fish. You could see how happy he was!

Teralani also offers SNUBA for those interested, for an additional fee. I consider myself the SNUBA queen! It is like Scuba diving, except without the tanks…

The water temperature is usually around 78 degrees, so while you do not need a wet suit, Teralani does have them on board to rent if anyone is interested.


While we were snorkeling one of the crew got the BBQ going and had lunch waiting for us when we got out of the Water. Not only did they have Cheeseburgers, there was Hot Dogs and Chicken as well. Vegetarians can choose from several types of sides and salads…

By the time we finished lunch, we were at our second snorkel destination, locally known as “Cliff House Cove”. When the sun is shining, this is one of the prettiest places on all Maui! Advanced Snorkelers/Swimmers will love the underwater Lava Arch you can swim through!

Sometimes I just kick back with a Hawaiian Maitai and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness while everyone else is snorkeling…

One of the best features of Teralani’s Honolua Bay Snorkel Cruise is Sailing back to Ka’anapali! Our experienced and professional crew hoist the sails and sail down the coast back to Ka’anapali. I took awesome photos of Black Rock and Ka’anapali Beach from the deck of our Catamaran!


I hope you enjoyed my blog on Teralani’s Honolua Bay Snorkel Cruise. Save $10. off the ticket price per adult when you call me or my team members at 808-879-6260. *you must mention the discount and this blog when purchasing your tickets. 



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